Monday, April 4, 2016

We interrupt this blog . . .

to bring you an update on available Malshi* puppies.

I have become apprised of two baby Malshis who are available and ready for adoption.

This is a little male, who was 12 weeks a week or so ago.  Oh my heart.  I love his face.
We would name him Gershwin.  To go with Schubert.  Get it?  
Schu-schu and Shwinny.  Hahahahahaha!  I want him!

Alternatively, there is this little girl puppy who just turned 8 weeks.  
Shawn thinks she is cuter than Gershwin,
but he is not a fan of getting another dog just yet (not just yet).
We would name her Bizet (Bee-ZAY), which also goes nicely with Schubert.
Bi-bi and Bu-bu.  I am cackling with delight!

Oh doggies!
Can you even believe that God makes such wonderful, beautiful, marvelous things as little doggies?

*Malshis are a cross between Maltese and Shih-tzu.


Hope T. said...

They are darling! I hope you get one (or both). One of my sisters-in-law is a big dog lover and she always has two dogs. Her older one is around 14 now, though, so she got a pup this past Christmas and now has three dogs. I see how much joy her puppy and her other dogs bring into her life and I wish that for you too!

Ruthie said...

They are just so, so cute. Schubert is undergoing a bad allergy season, however, and his vet bills are not encouraging his father to spring for a canine pal just at the moment.

I do get delighted when I look at these pictures, though. Oh how I love puppies.