Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy thoughts about nice things

I like zinnias and cosmos.  My cosmos didn't do well this year.  Next year I will try to find a sunnier spot for them.

I do not know why flowers make me happy, but they do, especially ones that grow in the ground (as opposed to cut flowers or flowers planted in pots).  I love flowers in red, pink, fuschia and lavender, with just enough yellow and white mixed in to keep it multi-colored.  Orange is not my favorite, and purple tends to disappear because it is dark.  Sometimes when you plant seeds, you just get what you get and thankfully learn to love it as it is.

I like blue blankets and pajamas.  Soft blue is such a nice color for sleeping in, for nestling down in.  Baby blue, powder blue, even steel-gray blue, these are the colors of blessed dreams.

I like white bathrooms.  There is a quartz I've seen used for counters, and it's white with a sparkly diamond speck in it.  I've seen a bathroom done in this quartz, with white cabinets and shiny white porcelain fixtures, and I thought it was the bomb, so pretty it kind of made my chest tighten.  I also like clean, fluffy white towels and gleaming chrome faucets.

I like square rooms better than rectangular ones, the more square, the better.  I don't mind if two square rooms adjoin to make a rectangle (for instance, a living room and a dining room), but I like each furniture grouping to have the luxury of sitting in its own square.  This feels good to me.

I like rectangular tiles better than square tiles.  Also, I like round knobs, not square ones.

I like natural wood and natural brick (it makes me so sad when they paint brick white; sometimes I watch home improvement shows just for the horror of seeing them do this again and again).  Bricks are nicest in adobe red tones, and wood is nicest when it is brown.  These are their God-given colors and we rarely improve on God's design style when we mess with it.  Likewise, pumpkins should be orange, apples should be red, and daisies should be white with yellow centers.

Someday I would love to have a little grand-daughter named Bonnie Mae after my mother and my father's mother, because I think that is one of the cutest names I've ever heard.  Ruby Rose has a nice ring, too (and red is my favorite color).

But what I have is a cozy home with two furry dogs, a blue teakettle on the stove, and a CD player I finally learned how to run, playing a CD of hymns put together by R.C. Sproul.  It really is enough to be quiet and safe and warm in a familiar place, thinking about good things that might happen tomorrow.

This is a mostly meaningless and vapid post, but it feels good anyway; or perhaps I'm the one who feels good.

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