Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yes there is a God, and He loves His people

I've written about reasons why I believe that there is a God.

Yesterday, I wrote about Shannon's missing car keys, and the fact that God is in control.

This morning, Shannon texted me.  She had located her keys in a lost-and-found drop box at a Boston transit station.  "Thank you for praying," she texted.

Of course, I suppose this could be a coincidence.  If you believe in coincidences.

I believe in a sovereign, attentive, loving and faithful God, a God who is powerful and intelligent enough to design and control the entire Universe, from huge galaxies to tiny DNA strands.  He tracks and guides it all, and He knew where those keys were, all along.  He knew when they fell, and He knew where they landed.  He knew who would pick them up and eventually toss them into the lost-and-found box.  He directs the affairs of men, and He directs hearts like watercourses.  This is not even hard for Him.

Lots of times, God does not answer my prayers the way I want Him to.  But this does not mean that He didn't hear, or that He doesn't care about me.  It only means that He knows what is best, and I do not.  He does what is best, and we have to live by faith in His goodness, even when it doesn't make sense to us.

It is so nice when it does make sense to us, when His mercy grants our desires, and we feel the warmth of His smile on our heads.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.  His mercies are everlasting!

I've begun saying, "Some day, I am going to become a mature Christian, and when I do, my desires will be God's desires.  The things I pray for will be the things He wants to give me, and I will experience lots of answered prayer and fullness of joy.  I look forward to the day!"

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