Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reflections on clothes shopping

  1. I hate clothes shopping.
  2. There is an overwhelming overabundance of clothing that I do not like and would never wear.  There will be no polyester in heaven.  (I am seriously self-editing my word choices here, and I sincerely hope you appreciate that.)
  3. I should not buy it if I don’t love it, because then I will not wear it.  It is unlikely that I will love anything that is hanging on a 70% off rack.  But.  Not impossible.  70% off can help to kindle love.
  4. Trying things on is exhausting.
  5. If I ever do find something that is both comfortable and nice looking, I should buy it, almost regardless of cost.  The rarity of these items protects the budget intrinsically.
  6. Sometimes I do buy things that I do not love, mainly because I spent the better part of the day pulling things on and off my body in an attempt to find some decent clothes.  After awhile things stratify into categories: despicable, blech, ho-hum, possible and not-too-bad.  Sometimes after a longer while, not-too-bad turns into Pretty Good, and I buy it.
  7. Sometimes something I bought turns out to be better than I expected, a favorite item.  Then I wear it over and over until it has appeared in an embarrassing number of Facebook photos, at which time I try to retire it to unobtrusive Saturday afternoons.
 Me in a dressing room
in a maxi dress 
that I did not buy 
because I felt ridiculous in it.

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Hope T. said...

Another way in which we are alike! I greatly dislike clothes shopping. I think I look silly in most things. You and I have similar builds but I am a little taller and I think you are probably a little thinner. Honestly, I don't think they make clothes for people like us. Today I am wearing a long skirt and a top that I bought months ago at Burlington Coat Factory. I have been scared to wear it but I think it doesn't look too bad. Most of my successful outfits have been purchased at Burlington. I don't know if you have them in your area. Most of the stores I used to like have gone out of business and I usually have to order from Lands' End. Unfortunately, the quality of their clothes in quite poor. The bright side is that I don't spend much money on clothes but instead wear things that are 20 years out of date.