Wednesday, July 3, 2013

maybe it's going to be ok

Initially when Shawn accepted the job in Illinois, we thought it would be so nice to be able to finish out Jon's final year of high school and then move.

Apparently I had not done the logical-thinking-about-upcoming-life-events which would have shown me that planning a move at the same time as planning a graduation party was probably Not a Good Idea.

As of right now, the move is sort of on hold (I will pay for this later).  We are trying to get the party underway.  The house is full of dirt and dust, the kind that gets disturbed when you start opening up and purging 18 years of stored memories and partially full paint cans in the basement.  I am living in faith that somebody is going to help me get this under control at some point.  I have prepared a lot of sloppy joe meat.

After doing strenuous party shopping in the messy rain on Monday... on Tuesday I realized that I had mislaid my master list for Jon's party, the list that had everything broken down by what to do each day until the big event, things to buy, things to prepare, etc.

Shawn, working at home, was on a conference call. In silent tears, I wrote him a note in my most tragic handwriting: "My list for Jon's party is GONE!"

He hung up the phone at the end of his call and looked at me kindly. "You mean that list you asked me to scan, because you said it would be the end of the world if you lost it?" he asked.

Yes. That list.

He printed me a new copy.

Sometimes I am more ahead of myself than I realize, and I just have to love the guy who helps me get there.

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Hope T. said...

The word "party" is not even in my vocabulary but one thing I have dimly gleaned from having a teenager is that food is the essential part of the party. Since cooking is your specialty, I would guess that Jon's party will be a great success.