Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fear, pride and pain (ha! who would read this?)

Today is a bit of a tough day.  Schubert has a terrible gum infection, gingivitis, in fact.  It may sound funny, but if you saw how miserable he is, you would not laugh.

Today he is at the vet, undergoing anesthesia and a dental cleaning.  He is on an antibiotic.  He will not drink anything, so he is dehydrated.

He is in bad, bad shape.  Poor little guy.

I feel sick when I think about it.  And fearful.

To take my mind off things, I wrote a post about pride over on Seeking Wisdom, Craving Grace, a post which has been brewing in my mind for awhile now.

It is rather a painful day.


Anonymous said...

I had to take our 10 year old Ben in a few months ago for cleaning as he had really bad gingivitis and a few teeth to be pulled as well as antibiotics. Made me feel like a bad mom not taking care of his teeth...but he would never let me get a tooth brush in there to help keep them clean. The cost is also a bit more for a cat than a child that's for sure.....

Anonymous said...

~ Shari!

ruth said...

It makes you feel guilty, but really! You can't do what you can't do. I have tried very hard to brush my dogs' teeth, both of them, and they will have none of it. Sigh. This means that the only way to clean their teeth is to put them to sleep. Double sigh.