Monday, July 9, 2012

How de-cluttering does not work for me

I was all discouraged because my home is cluttered and not aesthetically pleasing.

After simply feeling discouraged and doing nothing about it for about seven years (hyperbole folks... well, maybe hyperbole), I did something.

I sold my living room furniture on Craig's list.  It sold in a day.  I probably didn't ask enough for it.

the loveseat

the sofa

Now I have no living room furniture.  A piano still resides in there, and some bookshelves, an old leather recliner in the corner, and various occasional tables.  And exposed cords from the lamps, and a whole bunch of Theophonics sound equipment.

My house is uglier than ever.

I am very sad.

And this is why de-cluttering does not work for me.  I always get rid of the wrong things.


~Heather said...

So I started reading this thinking, this is just the post for me! I have a horrible time de-cluttering, and it doesn't matter what I get rid of, more stuff just keeps coming it. While I would love to get rid of some of our furniture - this made me laugh out loud.

ruth said...

I'm glad to be a source of good cheer, if nothing else!

Shawn said...

"a whole bunch of Theophonics sound equipment"? How about one bass amp and two monitor speakers? It's not THAT much...