Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beach Pictures

Since I am always behind in life, I am currently trying to hold "Good-bye, girls--parts 3 through 5" in my head. A wobbly endeavor, that. My brain is leaky these days. Also, I've been wanting to write about my trip out to see my parents last week. But I was also meaning to post pictures of the beach. And that is what I will try to do today. Maybe tomorrow the Minnesota trip. Maybe not. Maybe someday.

I've always wanted to stay in a pink house! The experience did not disappoint. There is a certain thrill in coming home to the brightest house on the block every day after you've been to the beach. I had to take this picture at evening twilight, because we were so busy beaching during the day.

We felt very welcome here. Some houses are more personal than others. This one was stocked with books, games, extra pillows, charming art on the walls and friendly signs strewn about.

The name of the house was "The Three Sisters". This photo says it all.

This was our home base at the beach.

Jon spent a lot of time skim-boarding. He's not half bad!

Jon also spent a lot of time grilling... he made supper nearly every night, and we were very grateful. He may look like he doesn't like cooking, but really, he just doesn't like being interrupted by a camera.

This sign always makes me nervous. So far, we have survived. No sharks, either!

Here is the wagon in which we rolled all our gear to the beach every day. A very handy thing to have, that wagon.

My awesome kids, minus one.

Yes, there were more people at the beach this year. I guess it makes the place more colorful.

Classic relaxation.

Classic love.

David, trying to be taller than Jonno.

Posing for posterity.

Every house has a hose underneath, for cleaning off your feet before you go inside. Every house also has an outdoor shower. This is obviously so the mom can always be assured of getting an indoor shower upon returning from the beach, and, as years go by, also the sisters. It's a chivalry thing.

We watched Chariots of Fire one evening back at the house. The next day, Shawn was inspired.

We used to call these two "The Twins."

Towels drying on the front porch. Also our hammock, with Lulu in it.

This is the epitome of vacation. Just saying.

Wishing it wouldn't end.

Happy, happy, happy times.

You've heard of "Girl Power"??? Well, this is "Boy Tower"!!!

Walking into the wind, wiggling toes in the sand and the edges of the waves. Breathing.

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