Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jonathan's genius

David has been very sick.

Since the boys share a small room together, during this bout of illness we moved Jonathan to the basement. This was to accomplish a number of goals:

1. That David would not be woken up in the morning when Jon gets up to go to school.
2. That Jon would not be kept awake all night while David coughs.
3. That Jon would be removed from exposure to David's germs, as much as possible.

We pulled out the futon for Jon, so he gets to sleep on a queen sized surface. It is dark and quiet in the basement, and it is near the laundry room, and since Jon rarely takes his clean clothes upstairs to his dresser, it is working out quite niftily.

I have been undergoing a medical procedure for the past two days, or I would have tidied this up before taking a picture. But hey, there's nothing like realism.

Please notice the blue string that is coiled on top of the dirty orange tee-shirt that is slung on the floor at the foot of the futon. If you can't see it, click on the picture to enlarge for a better view.

Now, we have already established that Jonathan has a bent for, shall we say inventing things.

That string by the futon is connected to this:

There are actually two ends, one he can pull from his bed to turn the lights on, and one he can pull to turn them off.

As you can see, he is making himself quite at home.


Max said...

Yes, face says it all, doesn't it?

I used to have a basement bedroom as a kid, and some time ago I told Jon the story about how I used fish line, putting through the rafters and attaching it to the light switch near the door, on the other end of the room. I used one line, with one of my dad's fishing weights hanging from the light switch. Turn on with a steady pull and hold; turn of by giving it a tug and letting the weight bounce and pull the switch off.

The day he installed this "system" he showed it to me, informing me that his 2-string system was an improvement on my old single-string approach. He was very proud of himself. I think the clothespin was a nice touch!


Ruth MacC said...

That is so funny! I remember doing that when I was a child!
I had completely forgotten about it.

Hope you are feeling ok?