Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I got my braces off... now I am trying to relearn my smile.

Hmmm. Looks a little forced. Maybe because it is. This will take some time.

Can I just say, I feel like I have really big, naked teeth. Who knew your teeth could feel naked?


Ruth MacC said...

Thats funny!
Hope you are enjoying the Autumn. I haven't been over in a while so while Sean and Niall are at the pictures watching Up, I thought I would catch up. Hope everything is ok?

ruth said...

Yes, everything is OK, just crazy busy. I just spent five days on a trip to Minnesota where Laura looked at two colleges and we stayed with my parents, who have a different pace of life, which makes me kind of envious, but I suppose I will get to that pace someday, and then I will wish I were back here.