Monday, August 17, 2009


Laura took this picture of my feet when we were at Cross lake with the Hills yesterday.

Looking at it makes me wonder...

When I die, will anybody miss my ugly little toe or my blue spider veins? How about the awkward fold in the flesh at my waist, my scrawny neck or the bags beneath my eyes?

To feel loved, really truly and completely loved, is to feel that there is someone who knows every detail about you, the delightful ones and the embarrassing ones, the physical, the emotional, the mental. Someone is familiar with every fact about you, from the random trivia you have memorized to the deepest unspoken dreams of your heart, from the shape of your face to the little brown mole on the back of your upper thigh to your favorite black silk and cotton sweater. And in the end, that same someone loves you regardless of and because of every idiosyncrasy that belongs to your being.

God loves us like that. He really does. This is so amazing.

If we can begin to love someone like that, we are emulating the Father's love. A worthy goal.


Max said...

Somebody (here on earth) does love you like that! (-;

Ruth MacC said...

Now I know everything about you:o)

Just kidding. It's nice to think afresh about what you have posted Ruth. When I do, I can hardly get over it. Me??? He loves me???

What a family He joined us to!

btw, great photo!!

Are you getting ready for 'back to school' yet?