Monday, July 28, 2008


I haven't written in a very long time.

So much has happened.

Jon went to camp and came home with a girlfriend. I think girlfriends are not too bad if they are long-distance. We never had to have rules about this sort of thing before, so this caught us off-guard. We may need to do some careful thinking and come up with some rules.

There was VBS. I had the honor and privilege of teaching the Bible study portion of the meeting we had for the mothers of VBS children. It was a precious time and I met some delightful people. One of our pastor's wives led us through a craft--we painted boards with Bible verses, and they came out beautifully.

Jon is at camp again; this is the camp he went to last year and loved very much. I hope he has a great time and is challenged in his faith.

David is making a surprising amount of money playing his saxophone this summer. I don't feel so bad that he didn't have a summer job.

I may get a job teaching English at a local private Christian school. Actually, it would be teaching English and Bible, which is basically my dream job. Plus I could take Jonathan with me, and he would get free tuition.

The way I've seen God working in this is downright scary. It's my dream job, and the answer to many of my prayers. At the same time, it is truly frightening. I don't have a degree in education. I have taught lots of Sunday school, Bible studies and VBS, but never every day of the week, long-term. One week of VBS usually nearly kills me. How could I survive the schedule of teaching through a full school year?

I am a little bit scared of teenagers. Less than I used to be when I WAS a teenager, it's true. I love my kids, and they have some wonderful friends. But teenagers, in general, are a somewhat intimidating to me. To be honest, all the kids I know are great; maybe it is the other teachers that scare me. At this school, the other two teachers in the English department are in their mid-twenties, nearly twenty years younger than I am. And yet I am the one with no experience. That's scary.

I like shopping at off hours--getting groceries in the early afternoon on Tuesdays, never Christmas shopping on the weekends, that sort of thing. I won't be able to do that anymore if I get a job.

If I get a job, how will I handle dentist, doctor and orthodontist appointments? It has been complicated enough trying to get the kids out of school for appointments. With a job, I would also have to figure out how I could get myself out of work to pick them up. And what about my own appointments?

If I get a job I will have to do my hair, wear a small amount of make-up and buy a whole wardrobe of presentable clothes... not just three or four decent outfits to wear to church and on special occasions.

If I get a job, my systems for cleaning, laundry and meal planning will have to change radically.

If I get a job, the dogs will be home alone a lot--other people will have to kick in and take more ownership in feeding them and letting them out.

HOW will I do DJ's graduation party next summer if I am teaching???

The pros?

I would get to do what I originally wanted to do (teach English) and what I have recently developed a love for (teaching Bible).

It might be really good for Jonathan; it might be where God wants him.

I would have a reason to get up early in the morning, which might help me shift to a better time clock for my body.

I would have more opportunities to be with people and to make friends.

I might get to have a lasting, positive, godly influence on young minds. This amazes, excites and frightens me, all at the same time.

I would have an opportunity to make a small financial contribution to our family. Unless I lose it all to taxes, which might be the case. I hope I would make enough money to cover the increased cost of living (gas, clothes, convenience foods, etc) that would result from my having a job.

Whatever the Lord wills, that is what I need to do. I need to not let laziness and fear influence my decision.

I pray that God will show me clearly what He wants me to do. If they don't offer me the job, that will make it easy. If they do offer the job, I pray for a clear sign of direction.

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MacCárthaigh Family said...

You have been busy...

I don't envy you having to make the decision but whatever way you look at it, it's not half as scary as your son picking the wrong woman to marry... Keep an eye on him!!!!

Glad to have you back!