Friday, May 30, 2008

DJ's party and Jon's parade

One week ago, we threw a surprise party for David on the occasion of his seventeenth birthday. This is a picture of the surprise. You cannot see DJ, and neither could I (well, that might be the corner of his right ear...).

Because I had reoriented the kitchen table to facilitate a buffet snack set-up, we knew the gig would be up if he came in from the garage door and saw the table. So he never had time to get into the house. His friends packed into the corridor leading to the mudroom and bombasted him as soon as he opened the door. They were all in front of me, hence this lovely blurred photo of the backs of their heads and arms. It was loud. DJ was surprised.

Here is DJ leaning against the wall, catching his breath after the vigorous surprise. His friends, at this moment in time, were all comparing the funny pictures of DJ that they got on their cameras. I'm not bitter or jealous or anything. Here is my dear boy, catching his breath (by the way, his actual birthday was the previous day, so he really was not expecting anything).

Here you see DJ and his friends in the family room. I tried to give them lots of space, so they wouldn't feel like I was hovering, or spying, or lurking... but I did get this picture. DJ is rather secretive when it comes to his friends. I think he's just a little self-conscious. We had one friend (that we knew about) hand out the invitations, otherwise we would not have known whom to invite. I was happy to have this opportunity to meet DJ's friends. They were all absolutely wonderful kids--neat, clean, polite and kind. Of course, they were a little shy around me, but I guess that makes us even, because I was a little shy around them, too.

DJ was able to blow out all his seventeen candles with one breath. He does play the saxophone, after all. And he always says he doesn't have a girlfriend! I had to get a bakery cake, because it wouldn't have done for him to see me baking a cake on the day after his birthday. I had made him a birthday apple pie, by request, on the day before.

Here is Jonno on the following Monday, playing his trumpet in the Memorial Day Parade. He is the tall boy in the middle of the picture, wearing black shoes. I love the way he plays his trumpet, loud and clear, right from the heart. We had a crazy, unorganized morning that day, and he ended up marching on an empty stomach--you can see that he looks a little peaked. But he hung in there like a champ. My solace was that I had sent him with a bottle of water. Unfortunately the girl next to him (you can't see her) lifted it out of his pocket and drank it herself. He didn't even know her. Can you imagine? Is that how girls flirt these days?

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