Wednesday, April 5, 2017

God helped me

Driving, famished, picking through my trail mix in search of dried cherries and macadamia nuts, I pulled up at a stoplight yesterday behind a white truck whose rear bumper read,  "Restoring lives through Jesus Christ," in crisp, black font.

I'd been at Bible study all morning, followed by conversations, a walk at the track with friends, and then a shopping trip which took me to three different stores.  For me, with my lupus, this is unprecedented.  At least I'd had a slice of pound cake for breakfast, because usually I can only handle a cup of coffee in the morning.

Anyway, there I was, at the corner by the worst apartment complex in town.  Each time I drive through this intersection, I make a habit of praying for the light of the Lord to shine into darkened hearts, for Jesus' followers in the area to be emboldened and empowered and encouraged, for little children and vulnerable women to be protected from evil, for those in despair to find hope, for grace to be strong, and for God to be glorified.  This is what I try to do, but yesterday I was tired, distracted and tremendously hungry.

So I plunged my hand into the bag of trail mix in my lap as I pressed the brake down for the red light, and then I looked up and saw, "Restoring lives through Jesus Christ."  Right there, in my face.  (Restoration was my word for 2016.)

I thanked Him then.  I thanked Him for the laborers who are out working to bring people to truth, healing and freedom.  I thanked Him for this clear reminder and encouragement: when I was weak and struggling to pray, He put a cue right before my eyes.  I thanked Him that He is at work, and I prayed that the work would yield good results.  I prayed for the person driving the truck, whom I could not see.

God helped me yesterday.  God is good.  I love when He makes it simple for me to see His goodness.

Something I have learned:  drive time is a good time to pray.  So is the time I spend waiting in line to pay at a store, and time waiting in a doctor's office.  God provides so many opportunities for redemption.

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