Thursday, June 25, 2015

A surprise in the mail!

Yesterday Shawn came home from work, as usual, and brought in the mail, as usual.

There was a package for me.

I had not been expecting a package.  I had not ordered anything.  Last weekend was Fathers' Day, not Mothers' Day.  I could not imagine what this package could be, although it looked like a book.  Books are one of my favorite things.

Open the drawer, lift out the scissors, slice through the yellow envelope lined with bubble wrap...

It was this book!

Of course I remembered filling out an online form to see if I could get selected to review the book, but I didn't know I'd been chosen.  How exciting!  Things like this don't happen to me!

Shawn--being in sales--was totally impressed by this marketing concept.  I ran upstairs to the computer and checked back at Emily's blog to see if I could learn more about what I was supposed to do next.  I found that I was supposed to have received an email by June 18th, telling me I'd been selected.

I didn't remember receiving it.

Shawn and I walked the dog (the one that can walk without going into cardiac distress).  Shawn told me I should do a gmail search for Simply Tuesday.

This morning I did the search, and sure enough, the missing email surfaced.  "Congratulations!  You've been chosen to be part of Emily's launch team!"

Well now.  This is pretty exciting.

I have a book to read.  I'll let you know what I think of it, soon!

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