Thursday, March 5, 2015

An observation about Schubert

Schubert loves sofa time.  Both dogs get very excited if they think I am gearing up to settle on the sectional for awhile, with a blanket and the TV remote.

However, Schubert hates my phone.  If I ever get it out, he indignantly takes off for the upstairs bedrooms.  He particularly despises the noise it makes when I get a text, a low, vibrating rumble followed by, "Thrum! Thrum!"  Whenever I get a text, he jumps up, tucks his tail between his legs, looks behind himself disconsolately and takes off for the upstairs bedrooms.

The other night, I was trying to read a book on the sectional in the living room.  I had my phone nearby, since I was in the throes of a number of text conversations as is fairly typical in the early evenings when I strive to make contact with each of my kids (I call it sending out pings to see if they are alive and well).  I noticed Schubert's offended response each time I moved to pick up the phone, but I persevered in going upstairs (repeatedly . . .  a woman must get her exercise somehow), and bringing him back down to sit in my lap.

Then I picked up my large tea mug which was on the end table next to me.  As soon as I did, Schu jumped into my lap, turned a circle and plopped himself down.  I put down my mug and picked up my phone, just to see what would happen.  He scuttled off the sofa.  I put down my phone and picked up my mug.  He came right back to cuddle.

What a weird dog.


Shannon said...

what a SMART and ADORABLE dog, more like!!

ruth said...

and you are not the least bit biased . . .