Friday, May 24, 2013

Five things I wish I could do before I leave Syracuse...

1.  Ride the train in to NYC and see a Broadway show.  Twenty-five years in Syracuse NY, and during that time I have never once visited NYC nor seen a play on Broadway.  In a way, that's impressive.  Impressive, but rather sad.

2.  Go to Biscotti's, order something delicious and chocolate, sit at a table with coffee and desert and eat while looking out the window at North Salina Street.  I have never been to Biscotti's.  It seems as though most of the other members of my family have.

3.  Use my passport and drive to Montreal where I would spend a weekend trying to speak French, eating in sidewalk cafes and pretending to be in Paris.  I will never live as close to Montreal as I do now.

4.  Visit the historic house museum in Liverpool near the corner of 2nd and Sycamore.  I see it every year when we are in the village for the Memorial Day Parade, and sometimes other times too.  It never happens to be open when I am there.  I wish/hope/dream that someday I will write down the hours and visit it when it is open.  Or perhaps it is not even a museum anymore, and I am already too late.

5.  I would really like to see the University Hospital area near Almond and Adams finished and complete, not under construction.  I declare, during the entire 25 years that I have lived here, that area has been under construction and bedecked with temporary trailers, temporary chain link fences, piles of dirt, orange cones and miscellaneous construction equipment.  (I hope I have a better chance of achieving some of the other items on this list than I have of this one.)

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