Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last concerts

This Sunday afternoon was Jonathan's last Youth Symphony concert.

We've been doing Youth Symphony since Shannon was in 10th or 11th grade (approximately 2005).  And now it is over.

We won't ever go to another of these concerts, not even to hear someone else's kid, because we are moving away.  So it was really and truly the last.

Of course I forgot my camera.

And, I am so behind, I haven't even written about DJ's final hurrah, his senior recital.  It was a week ago.

DJ's recital ended up being the same evening as the NCAA basketball Final Four, in which Syracuse played, so hardly anyone could come to DJ's recital.  Who would've thought Syracuse would make the Final Four this year?

Knowing that there would be hardly anyone there, I laxed on the food prep and only made cupcakes.  I made three kinds.

This is an apple spice cupcake with salted caramel frosting, all from scratch.  I didn't think the apple spice recipe was much good, but the frosting was to die for.

This is a chocolate cupcake with raspberry cream cheese frosting, also all from scratch.  These were pretty much the bomb.  Really.

And this is a yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting, cupcake from a mix, frosting from scratch.  These were the best of all, in my humble opinion.  I wondered why I ever messed around with all that scratch baking if a mix was so much better.

These are my reject from-scratch yellow cupcakes with the extra salted caramel frosting. Notice how they all sort of overflowed their cups.  It is hard to portion out cupcakes correctly.  I wished I had some sort of titration device for doing it.

Here is a set of the cupcakes, all together.  Aren't they cute?

And here are pictures of David playing.  I was able to relax and enjoy the music more this year than last.  It was AMAZING.

(David is the one with the saxophone)

                                                       And the final whooshing bow...

I wonder if he will still play his saxophone, after he becomes a doctor.


Laura Murphy said...

Of course he will!
Thanks for sharing.
People should have gone to the concert. Just sayin'.

ruth said...

Well, since the game turned to be such an ugly loss, I'd have to agree... but who could know in advance? Anyhow, his friends in pep band didn't have a choice. Life.

Healing Wounded Hearts said...

Glad I found your Blog. Look forward to future posts.