Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never do this

When you make a to-do list, never put, "Laundry," on it.

You can put something like, "Wash the towels," or "Wash, dry and fold a load of socks and underwear so Dad has what he needs for his business trip." 

But never, never, never just write, "Laundry."

Laundry is never-ending; you will never be able to cross it off.


Hope T. said...

I just finished the laundry a few minutes ago. Okay, full disclosure here - I just finished ONE son's laundry. But it took me a week to do it all and I think his hamper was only empty for ten minutes before today's clothes were placed in it. If I were a list-making person, I think I could safely write: do one person's laundry by next week.

ruth said...

Lists are over-rated. I usually lose the ones I make, unless Laura is at home. Laura keeps track of my lists. Before she went away to college, she used to make lists for me. Even in elementary school, she had a better grasp of what was needed to keep our kitchen stocked than I did. I think she is a phlegmatic, the only one in our family. In my humble opinion, phlegmatics are worth more than gold, silver, diamonds or rubies.