Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday dinner

My mom used to make roast beef on Sundays.

We'd get home from church and change our clothes. My mom made gravy and mashed the potatoes. She put beef, buttered carrot-pea medley, and pineapple coleslaw into serving dishes. Also, there was jello, usually containing crushed pineapple. We set the table with the brown 70's plates (heavy stoneware that would probably almost be back in style) and the Twin Star stainless.

We all sat down for dinner together and my dad said the prayer before we ate. After we finished, there was dessert followed by carrot and celery sticks. We always ended with carrot and celery sticks, "To clean out our teeth," said my mother.


Today after church I had:

  • a piece of toast spread with sunbutter
  • some plain yogurt jazzed up with with a little honey and way too much cinnamon (my bad)
  • a small handful of plain almonds
  • an orange
  • a few stale chips with salsa
  • a cup of tea

Jon had Cocoa Krispies followed by a bowl of oatmeal.

DJ finished some leftover failed Eggplant Parmesan (bless his heart) and then made egg salad with hard boiled eggs and Greek yogurt instead of mayo.

Shawn had a bowl of the delicious soup I made last night, which (unfortunately) I plan to serve for dinner, so he will have it twice today. Good thing it's delicious.

Nobody set the table. We used napkins, paper towels, a few real dishes... and we pushed away the breakfast crumbs, but I didn't wipe them up until we had finished.

Oh how far we have strayed from the days of yon.


Margret Accas said...

Togetherness works with or without a big Sunday dinner!

ruth said...

Yes, I guess we were together! Usually we have to rush Jonathan off to his Youth Symphony practice... maybe it was the fact that we were all together today (well, those of us who still live here, anyway) that made me nostalgic for the olden days.

Shawn said...

Well said, Margret!