Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dark day

It is dark, chilly and rainy.

Either I have a cold, or my allergies have gone berserk.

I had very few goals today, but even so, the only thing I've managed to get done is a lasagna.

Shawn says it could be a lot worse.


Hope T. said...

It has been rainy and dark here for so long I have forgotten what the sun looks like. Have you read The Great Divorce by C.S.Lewis? Well, I feel like I live in the gray town.

The only thing I did today was go to the grocery store and the dairy farm. My husband made breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So I agree with your husband that lasagna is an accomplishment.

ruth said...

I only read the beginning of The Great Divorce. It was too oppressive to finish. Maybe it gets better?

I can't get through the Perelandra books by Lewis, either, although I have tried many times. I did read Till We Have Faces, but I didn't feel that I understood it. I've read it twice, though.