Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why are the doggies barking?

Why are Piper and Schubert peering out their windows? What do they see?

Why is Piper scratching at the window? What is exciting him like this?

Why is Schubert yowling with all his might from the depths of his heart? Whatever could be the matter?

Oh my. Could this be the cause of all the clammer and commotion in our house? This cute little guy? I guess he was kind of hard on the pumpkin stem...

The doggies find it quite upsetting that this little fellow is visiting their front step.

Oooops! Where did he go? I guess he's taking a dip in the pumpkin slime, foraging for more of those nice, juicy pumpkin seeds...

It looks like he's gotten at all of our pumpkins now, even the one off to the right, although I don't think he made it quite all the way through the wall of that one. Funny how he went in the side and dragged the seeds out of the one in the middle of the photo: if that were a jack-o-lantern and the hole were a mouth, then the seeds and gunk coming out would

There are seeds all over the step, but there are even more seeds buried throughout the landscaping and the front lawn. This squirrel has been working hard. Spasticly, but hard.

We liked trying to get pictures of our furry-tailed friend, but I just couldn't take the incessant barking, so I bravely went out and threw the pumpkins onto our compost in the back. Peace has reigned since then. Well, relatively speaking.

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AmyC said...

I love the pix of the doggies. Esp the one where Schu is fully levitated in a passionate howl. And I have always laughed at how Piper will dig at your glass window forever, presuming he will eventually make it through to the other side. Your camera is nice!