Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time out

I'm taking time out from reading my brother's book on Revelation (the chapter about its literary structure) to brown some ground beef for a casserole, smelling onion, garlic and oregano in the sizzling meat.

Life is full of odd juxtapositions.

And the fish died this morning. I hope I didn't underfeed it. I suppose that would be possible, but it didn't look particularly thin.

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Ruth MacC said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for your visits and comments. What can I say about the fish? At least your children are big and won't mind so much. Glad the rose bush came to life.

Thanks too for the advice for Niall. We are glad to have the worst behind us and hope that he will get the all clear in 6-8 weeks. However, he is a great guy and never complains, a perfect patient.

God continue to bless you and your family.