Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Working on DJ's graduation party.

We cooked all the pulled pork last week. The proverbial pork has been pulled, and frozen.

We have baked a lot of cookies (bars).

I ordered the cake on Tuesday.

Laura made him a Memory Board (with the help of Shannon and Tammy and Jennie).

I bought drinks (soda and water).

Jacinda is making Buffalo chicken wing dip and guacamole.

Tammy is bringing melon.

Grandma Brown is bringing fruit salad.

That's what's done. Right now, I am not going to think about what is not done.

I am going to clean the bathrooms. Because I am weird and I like cleaning bathrooms because it is a well defined task that relaxes me while making me feel productive.

I hope Shawn has the list I gave him.

There could be anywhere from 30 to 200 people. I think I can safely count on 30. There will be way too much food for 30 people. There probably won't be enough for 200. The unknown is terrifying.

The thought of inclement weather is also terrifying.

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