Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watership Down

I am reading the book Watership Down on a recommendation from my sister-in-law, Wendy. It is a book about rabbits, and I like it quite a lot. The main charaters are two rabbits named Hazel and Fiver. I'm going nuts because I read a book that referred to Hazel and Fiver (a while back), and I had no idea who they were or what the reference was. Now I know about Hazel and Fiver, but I can't remember what book it was that mentioned them. Augh. This is my life.

No, really, I have a lot to be thankful for.

Laura is healing. The process has been more slow that I would have hoped, but she is coming along. She has done well on a couple of tests she took at school since the accident, but she does have some trouble with word recall. It was actually kind of funny the other night when we heard her calling from the shower, "I need some help... We're out of... can somebody please get me some of that stuff... it's not conditioner, but the stuff you use to actually wash your hair."

When she can't come up with a word, she is still her smart, funny self, and it is almost like playing catch-phrase to try to figure out what she means by the clues she gives, which are invariably good ones. The nurse at the concussion clinic assured me that this is all very much normal for her situation, and it will go away with time. Until then, her biology teacher has been incredibly decent about letting her off the hook for vocabulary quizzes. I guess a biologist has special knowledge of and interest in brain injuries.

Speaking of brain injuries and literature (I'm about to work a simply magical segue; just watch...), I am going to help Laura with her English class by reading some of The Scarlet Letter to her. Fun times. I think I like rabbit books better.

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Ruth MacC said...

It really was a close call with Laura wasn't it? I am glad to hear things will improve for her though.