Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is how my deck looked the other night. Then we got another day and a half of solid snow. I suppose I should have taken a new picture to show how much higher it is now, but I took a picture of the front entrance instead:

It's sort of like living in the shrubbery maze that the dogs go through in Go Dog, Go!. Except it is all snow.


Ruth MacC said...

Wow, that is amazing, cold I am sure (!) but amazing!

AmyC said...

I notice you do not have pictures of the snow-covered hanging flowers you still have at the front door! Have a great week in MN

ruth said...

Well, Ame, I tried to cut out my embarassing snow covered hanging baskets, but you can actually see the bottom of one in that photo.

I hate going out to take care of things like that when it is cold.

Speaking of cold, it was cold in Minnesota. It was only about 6, not -20 like it had been, but it felt cold. One day it got up to 40 (!) and the next day it was cold again, and you would not BELIEVE how slippery everything was! Jonno slipped and fell on his fanny on my parents' front steps... good thing it wasn't one of us oldsters, or it could have been serious.