Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another day

Well, the sun came up this morning, even though there was a political massacre last night.

The electricity is still on, my computer still works, there is still milk in the refrigerator, the school bus came on schedule, the dogs want their Alpo.

If Obama wasn't a baby-killer, I guess I would be OK with the idea of changing some things.

Health care is undeniably broken, and has been for a long time. Maybe changes will help. Maybe not. Who knows?

I'm thinking we ought to buy a gun, while we can, if only to get our name on the registry as folks with a gun. I don't really want to have a gun, but I sure do not want crooks to be able to look up a registry and see that I don't have one, so they can target me. Maybe we could get one and just bury it in the basement somewhere. Mostly, I want my name on the list as a registered gun owner. Because when the only people with guns are the criminals who got them illegally, a safe society it does not make.

Taxes? Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's. I wish less was Caesar's and more was God's. I also wish that Caesar would promise never to use any of my tax money to provide federally funded abortions.

I do think it is kind of cool that we have a black man as a president, even though he is not really a black man, but I'm sure he would be a real black man if he could. I just wish he wasn't so very liberal. I wish he wasn't a baby-killer. I wish he was Clarence Thomas.

Can we hope? Is it OK to hope that some good might come from this? Is it OK to hope that new laws will help us pay for college? Is it OK to hope that perhaps this presidency will make strides in healing race-relations in our country?

Is it OK to try to look on the bright side?

Well, I don't know much. In fact, I only really know two things.

I know that God is still God, and nothing can ever change that.

I know that I will have to wait and see what happens next.

Anyhow, a repairman fixed my stove yesterday. So that is good.


Goodlikeamedicine said...

Hi, Ruth! I found you via scrolling comments at Amy's Humble Musings... and, wow, I feel like you are me with a few more years of experience! I definitely will be reading. Wow. It's amazing how alike we are!

:) Kristi
mom of Lydia, Steven, Meredith, Shepherd (born in the last 5 years)

Ruth MacC said...

Well, it might help you when you think that God has appointed your new president and also, the good book says that things are supposed to get worse rather than better, as in the days of Noah...

I looked for you on FB but don't know which one you are. Have you a photo on it?

As to the dirty dishes... this is what I do to get through the day sometimes...

I say to myself, 'He won't be doing this when he is 15.'

Your bunch won't be doing these annoying things in a few years, they will be gone.

(Did I just make things worse?!!)

ruth said...

Hi Kristi, welcome! I'll stop over and visit your blog today; thanks so much for saying hi!

Ruth M--I'm really not too worried about Obama, because I know it is all part of God's plan. I have a slight fear that we are going to undergo some judgment and tribulation over here, but whether we like it or not, God is in control. And it would probably behoove us to like it.

I know that God never promised us the right to live in a Christian nation. Most of Paul's letters are written to churches of people living in hostile political situations. I'm sure God didn't save these kinds of encouragement and exhortation for 21st century Americans by accident. :)

My photo on FB is me in a light blue sweatshirt under a tree.