Friday, October 17, 2008


Shawn hangs an axe on two nails in our garage.

The other day it fell down. It landed, blade-end down in a case of cans of low-sodium V-8 juice from Sam's Club. We saw no obvious damage, so we hung it back on its nails.

Today I noticed a can of V-8 sitting on the step outside the garage door. It was a slight distance from the case of cans. You could note that, if you were writing up a police report.

I ascertained that there was some dried tomato (well, V-8) juice on the top of the can. I picked up said can, and at the pressure of my hand, it could not hold its shape. It had a gash, invisible to the naked eye but very real. Tomato juice leaked on my hand like evidence.

Axe massacre, Ruthie-style.


Ruth MacC said...

ha ha!But is it the axe that is guilty... or the two nails?

Max said...

Or is the husband guilty by association?