Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nerves and Hormones

Life would be pretty great if it weren't for nerves and hormones.

Some Christian people say you should just be good, do the right thing, act graciously, no matter what happens with your nerves and hormones.

Obviously, they have never been afflicted with abnormal nerves and hormones.

You pray, you cry, you condemn yourself, you wonder what is WRONG with you. You get up in the morning determined to be nice to everyone, to hold it together, to rest in the Lord. But on those days, it just doesn't matter. You WILL find yourself crying over what the kids said or the mess on the kitchen counter or the overwhelming pile of mail... unless you take to your bed, in which case you will find yourself crying for being lazy and worthless.

And somebody will say, "If you would just exercise more," or "If you would just take Paxil," or "If you would just calm yourself down." And that just isn't helpful.

Sometimes you feel like God has abandoned you. You know that He is supposedly your strength, and you can't figure out why it isn't working. You read the Psalms and resonate with the one that says, "How long, O Lord?"

You understand why your mother did some of the crazy things she did, and you feel sorry for her.

Life would be just about perfect without nerves and hormones. I think there will be no nerves or hormones in Heaven.


Claire Kennedy said...

Very nice blog. Have blessed Thanksgiving. Please visit our blog if you can.

God Bless,
Claire Kennedy

MacCárthaigh Family said...

I am not sure if this was the response you were looking for but I actually laughed out loud... what you said, and the way you said it was so funny!

When I get sad, I just cry and say to God, "God, you know what we are like, you made us with these hormones. I know I have nothing to be crying about, but here I am..."

I have a little cry, lean on God, knowing He understands us, understands we are made of dust, and then get on with it!!!

I am not sure if this is the thing to do but , well, God knows. I don't just have to go to him when somebody dies, I can go to Him with the little things too!
My advice is have a cry, lean on God and then get the tissues out!

MacCárthaigh Family said...

Oh, happy thanksgiving!

Barbara H. said...

I'm here from Amy's Humble Musings. This does hit the nail on the head. If we do have nerves or hormones in heaven they'll be perfectly sanctified...but I am thinking there won't be.

I've often wondered why God allowed hormones to effect us as the do....I don;t know...but it does keep us dependent on Him so I guess that's one reason.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Valerie said...

I, too, have come via Amy's Humble Musings. I liked reading this. Thanks for being so real.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Amy at Humble Musings sent me over here, and I'm so glad I came. This really resonates with me, especially the "cry because of life and then cry if you go to bed because you feel lazy" part. Thank you for writing it so well.

Andrea said...

Here from Amy's.
Love this real post.
Nerves and hormones sometimes make you raise your voice in a not-so-gentle way, too. (so I'm told.) ;)